Welcome to my blog!

“One of the few things I know about writing is this:
spend it all, shoot it, play it, lose it,
all, right away, every time…
give it, give it all, give it now.”
~~ Annie Dillard

My name is Marie-Louise Ternier-Gommers. No, I am not of royal blood (you might think so with a name this long, but that’s another story shared elsewhere on this blog). Christmas Day 2014 began my 60th year (no, not my 60th birthday, my 59th!). To mark this milestone I decided to begin writing this blog. While I have written for many years for print publication (2 books and a monthly column in the Prairie Messenger:, this has been my first attempt at online writing. I try to post at least a couple times a month, chronicling musings—events—lessons to ponder, learn and celebrate in this season of grace. Thank you for taking time and effort to read my ramblings.

I’ve been writing now for over 18 months and I’m amazed how much I’m enjoying it. Many thanks  for your comments, private and public :). The writing muse strikes way more frequently than initially planned, and I let topics unfold as they come. This may slow down at some point but for right now the juices are flowing abundantly!


I was born and raised in the Netherlands. As a young adult I spent considerable time in the Taize-community in the Burgundy region of France and in the l’Arche community north of Paris. While on an adventuresome trip through Canada, nobody warned me about bachelor farmers to whom you could lose your heart — too late :). I met Jim on the Saskatchewan prairies, a market gardener and a man of the land. We married in 1979 and raised three children in a simple back-to-the-land lifestyle. I am the proud mother of David, Daniel & Rachelle, mother-in-law to Kathryn & Candace, and a happy Oma to Kiana, Marika & Sakura.  Terniers2014

I have a Masters in Divinity and extensive training in spiritual direction. My ministry includes leading retreats & workshops, preaching and speaking at conferences and various events, usually with some type of church connection. I have been a freelance writer for Catholic publications, and have published two books. I have worked in diocesan and parish ministry, in ecumenical dialogues and ministry, and have been coordinating an ecumenical network of women in ministry in the Saskatoon area for about seven years now. Since 2005 Jim and I live in Humboldt, SK, where Jim is associated with St. Peter’s Abbey in Muenster as their gardener, growing food for the Abbey kitchen and seed for his company Prairie Garden Seeds ( As Jim is approaching retirement, our daughter Rachelle is preparing to take over her Dad’s organic garden seed business, an ambition of which we are mighty proud.

My ecumenical exposure and involvement is extensive. Raised in the Catholic tradition, I consider myself a denominational “hybrid,” having been shaped by the strengths and gifts of various Christian traditions. I have recently joined the Anglican Church of Canada and have entered discernment on priestly ordination. Steeped in Scripture to guide the quality of my daily presence with all I meet, I seek to grow more fully into the person God is calling me to become. My own life challenges continue to teach me that we face hardships and crises best by grounding ourselves in a Power greater than ourselves, by strengthening our resiliency and by seeking help and guidance from others.

Please stop by often and enjoy my musings on life and faith, church and garden, grandparenting and ministry, writing and playing, celebrating, learning and praying.

For more on Marie-Louise visit her website:

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