Believe the Better Story

This Easter season is full of young life in my home — a four-year old and a two-and-a-half year old roaming around while their parents are on a well-deserved holiday. My time is not my own to the same degree. But Easter is fabulous, definitely the “better story” as Life of Pi challenges us to choose (see To Die For). I came across Ellen Painter’s Easter blog which captures that better story very movingly. I am cross-posting it here as my wish for you all that no matter how dark the darkness, to always strive to believe the better story that Christ is risen indeed and the universe is now a safe place. For there is nothing God cannot transform — try Him/Her.

Believing the Better Story

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2 thoughts on “Believe the Better Story”

  1. Oh my, is about all I can say after this read. I wasn’€™t feeling well when I began and this complicated the sick feeling somewhat. An interesting challenge though of “€œthe better story”€! Thanks. I’€™m trusting you had a good Triduum and Easter.


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