Rain down, rain down

While I’m enjoying the lushness, lightness and warmth of summer, along with creative challenges in a new job, others suffer because of summer. It’s been bone dry here and the forest fires are raging up north, devouring enormous territories with their fiery flames. I find myself praying for the wildlife who, even if they seek protection in the lakes, may well suffocate from the thick smoke in the air. I’m praying for the 13,000 evacuees displaced from their homes and for the countless firefighters risking their own lives. I’m praying for farmers seeing their crops wither in soil cracked by drought.

I’m praying for my new immigrant friends from various French-speaking African countries who have settled in our community. They have left everything, many have spent their savings coming here, and now after less than two years they too are victims of a the parched prairie fields  — most of them have just been laid off and only have 45 days to find other work in the category for which they were recruited. My heart goes out to them — I so don’t want them to have to leave us. Rain down, O God, rain down a shower of work opportunities close to us.

I’m praying for friends facing serious health issues who need a good rainfall of blessings to lift drooping spirits. It seems that even conscientious healthy living is no longer adequate protection against cancer.  In the past few months 3 people have died in my circle of friends. I’m praying for others facing losses of a different nature, some of them more hidden in their own spirits. Rain down, O God, rain down, showers of comforting love on those who long for what once was and for those who mourn loved ones.

Besides all my own loved ones, there are all the other loved ones in the world: the millions of refugees, the women and children exploited through human trafficking, the Greek people facing severe austerity measures,  kids bullying kids, etc. etc. There is no end to parched spirits and lives — rain down, O God, rain down.

Now in all fairness, we did have a good dump of rain here in the past few days — how precious and life-giving those drops from heaven can feel after a time of parched fields and throats. Our daughter Rachelle, who’s gardening on our farm for the first time this summer, was delirious with joy as her Facebook posting reveals:  4cm/1.5 inches of rain!!! What a joyous feeling! I could even hear the plants jumping for joy!! No rain since June 13th and before that had been about a monthish too I think so has been really dry here at the farm. Really makes you appreciate the rain when it does come!! Excited to see the gardens response to the rain over the next week especially!  I was also running and dancing in the rain!! Even went swimming in the lake in the rain! Felt so awesome! And yup gardens are looking pretty nice despite the dry conditions and already look nicer this morning as I just took a garden walk around the edges of a few of the gardens out here! Happy plants, happy people!

Rejoicing with my daughter in this life-giving water on dry gardens and crops, I sing for all parched fields and throats, spirits and lives:Waterfall2

Rain down, rain down,
rain down your love on your people.
Rain down, rain down,
rain down your love, God of life.

Faithful and true is the word of our God.
All of God’s works are so worthy of trust.
God’s mercy falls on the just and the right;
full of God’s love is the earth.

We who revere and find hope in our God
Live in the kindness and joy of God’s wing.
God will protect us from darkness and death;
God will not leave us to starve.

God of creation, we long for your truth;
You are the water of life that we thirst.
Grant that your love and your peace touch our hearts,
All of our hope lies in you.
(lyrics by Jamie Cortez, 1991)

Prairie Encounters

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