Bearing Witness

Ah, so many times I read another’s words and feel the resonance in my soul … saying what lives in my spirit so much better than I ever could. And so today, I share Sarah Bessey’s holy words — clear and fiery, gentle and ferocious:

Here is a consistency to which I bear witness: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against these things there is no law. I bear witness that we can believe in the “right” things, that we can have all our doctrinal ducks in a row, but if our lives aren’t icons of the incredible abundant and hospitable extravagance of our God, if we aren’t bearing good fruit, if our roots aren’t going down into the artesian wells of renewal and redemption and restoration, well, then, that is something but it is not grace and it isn’t a tree of life.

Here is a consistency to which I bear witness: the ones who lead well are the ones who lead from among the people of God, the ones who are alongside and not above, the ones who point to Jesus as the north star and the real Shepherd, who lay down power and lift up the voices of others, who tear down the boundary markers, who lay down the nit-picking of who is in and who is out, the ones who live as if we’re all in and we all belong. Delight and friendship and joy create room for the Spirit to play.

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Prairie Encounters

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