The Terniers in 2015

Another year flew by — we are older, richer in life experience, challenged in new directions, and wiser? Well, some days that’s in doubt. But here are some snapshots of our growing and thriving family, each one unique, each one deeply cherished.

Jim at his big 70th birthday bash in January 2015
David & Kathryn with daughters Kiana & Marika

David & Kathryn:  with two charming but very energetic girls, both parents working irregular hours and shift work, life is in the fast lane most days. They do, however, still find time for relaxing holidays, great outings and family visits. And believe it or not, our son has at times given in to a writing urge, sharing some lovely reflections on his FB page, much to this Mama’s delight …

Scary lions …. !!


Gift of the gab … must be one of ours 🙂

Visiting Fender who used to live with the girls and now lives at Auntie Betty’s

Jim: whether it’s seeds or envelopes, knowledge or stamps, Jim continues to have great fun being a collector. He continues to mentor and support Rachelle in the process of taking over the seed business, but is also happy to let her take things in new directions.  While his daily naps might betray a certain age, nothing else really does. Jim ended up celebrating his 71st birthday last month with David while stuck in the Rockies due to road closure — can you guess which photo marked that memorable occasion??

Stuck … in the mountains … with … Looks like quite the hardship!

Daniel & Candace: well, the photos below will tell you what they’ve been up to … tying the knot!!  A wonderful celebration  with a gorgeous-looking couple and their 8-year old daughter Sakura. Judge for yourself in the picture. Candace still works with HomeCare while studying sign language in her spare time, and is proud to call herself a Ternier at last! Daniel has been working at one of the Potash Mines since March. Working hard, but playing hard too when the need arises — they deserve every bit of it.

What’s going on here, thinks Sakura …
Our lovely granddaughter Sakura
Sakura with her “Buddy”


Rachelle: Spent her first summer living back on our farm in the house where she grew up — no power, no running water, wood cook stove. Grew a big garden, had an apprentice for gardening and seed saving, and enjoyed LOTS of company. She is proud to be a farmer and is determined to continue preserving biodiversity and teaching seed saving through Prairie Garden Seeds collection and work! While she’s back with us in Humboldt for the winter, she and Russell plan to be on the farm together in the spring.

Happy farmers on our lakeside farm near Cochin, SK
Happy Farmer Rachelle!
Rachelle & Russell
Rachelle and Russell

Marie-Louise:  I guess you could say that I’ve been living my 60th year of life with great intentionality, joy and new ways to realize some old dreams.  The blog I began last Christmas (on my 59th birthday) has proven to be a life-giving venue for meaningful reflection on the things that matter most to me (hard to understand for Jim, as he finds writing sooo difficult!).  And I’m always surprised and deeply grateful when my ramblings in fact resonate with others, some as far away as Asia and Australia!
Transitioning to the Anglican Church was not on my radar when 2015 began, but it soon appeared in an unexpected yet quite beautiful way, a way that had God’s fingerprints all over it … While managing a small community centre in our hometown, I continue to be involved in ministry through Queen’s House, Catholic Health Association, the ecumenical community and our local Anglican parish. The new year will see more focused study to complete my Masters of Divinity and further preparation for ministry in the Anglican Church of Canada.

Handsome as ever … 🙂

The love and joy we receive from being a family are gifts we wish for all people. A new coalition has recently formed here in our small prairie city preparing to welcome several refugee families in our midst; we hope to contribute whatever we can to this endeavour. The plight of our sisters and brothers on the run to save their lives makes us appreciate even more our own safety and comfort, meaningful work, as well as our continued health and well-being. May the new year bring those same gifts to ever more people and may each of us give our very best to help bring this about.


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