Window Peeking

Note: A few years ago I took the time to ponder the windows in the new Catholic Cathedral in Saskatoon and wrote a series of brief meditations on each of them. As the windows depict salvation history, a history we recall during the Easter Triduum, it seems fitting to share these meditations in this upcoming Holy Week, a week leading us through Christ’s death into the glorious light of resurrection. I am posting the first one below.


Each morning before dawn
my smallness eagerly crawls
into the windowsill of divine greatness
peeking out over the universe
to watch the drama unfold:
light separating darkness while
spirit hovers over waters of heavenly delight.

Life-giving creating music
swirling the earth driven by elating abandon
in a never-ending round-dance of awakening
life and love, mercy and laughter
while dispelling darkness of death and destruction
in bold claims – see, today I am doing a new thing
again and again and again ….

See and smell, taste and touch, listen and delight with me,
right here in the windowsill peeking into the universe
my beloved, my love, my all,
my creation …

3 thoughts on “Window Peeking”

  1. I don’t ever get that “leave a comment” right, but mine is: OH, and the wonderful taste of what is yet to come!


  2. Very inspiring. Poetry says so much more than prose ever can; it speaks to and touches the deep places of the heart. Thanks. I look forward to future posts this week.


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