Window Praising

Note: A few years ago I took the time to ponder the windows in the new Catholic Cathedral in Saskatoon and wrote a series of brief meditations on each of them. As the windows depict salvation history, a history we have been recalling during this Easter Triduum, it seems fitting to share these meditations in this Holy Week, a week leading us through Christ’s death into the glorious light of resurrection. Number Four: He is risen — risen indeed! Alleluia.


Blessed, blessing, blessed
exploding the time barrier between life and death
stardust uniting in one great rush of Love.
River and dry land staging heaven’s song of praise
raising up the lowly, filling the hungry,
blessing the hurting and the mourning.

Radiant glory – cover us, infuse us, penetrate us.
Overtake us in singing your glory
in the fullness of earthly and earthy existence.
Scandal of particularity transformed into Salvation’s song
forever sweeping up creation’s imperfection,
kissing her with resurrection sweetness
as a bride adorned on her wedding night.
Flames dancing in the trees,
singing glory without destroying,
throwing heat and light
without burning to ashes all in sight.

All shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well,
echoes the heavenly song
in divine glory glowing from every living cell encoded with DNA.
Shout from windowsill and riverbank:
God is alive in Christ, alive in us, alive in all creation.
God rises up in Jesus, destroying death’s finality,
bringing along all living things –
he died for all, for all, for all!

When Jesus said it is finished,
new life burst forth in radiant splendour.
Blessed, blessing, blessed…
Glory, glory …


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