Today we often check people out by the company they keep.
So below meet some of my online company:

Prairie Garden Seeds (my husband’s/daughter’s seed company)

RC Diocese of Saskatoon (I’ve been involved in various diocesan projects)

Anglican Diocese of Saskatoon (my current church affiliation)

Prairie Encounters (my own freelance ministry website)

Queen’s House of Retreats and Renewal Centre    (I serve on the programming team & offer my own retreats and workshops there)

Prairie Messenger  (I’m a regular columnist on Scripture)

Anglican Journal 

Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue (a dialogue I live very intimately) (Catholic news from around the world)

CruxNow  (John Allan’s news site)

America Magazine  (renowned US publication)

The Tablet (Catholic news source from across the pond)

Christianity Today (visiting our other Christian sisters and brothers)

Faith Today (Canadian publication by our Evangelical fellow-Christians)

Canadian Ecumenism Site (plug into our large Christian family)

Textweek (great preaching resource)

Sarah Bessey (great Canadian blogger and Christian writer of the next generation)

Barefoot & Preaching (my dear friend Leah Perrault’s Blog)

The Junia Project — interesting new movement of Evangelical Christian Feminism

L’Arche Canada (fond memories of my time in this unique community)

Word on Fire (thoughtful reflections by Bishop Robert Barron)

Centre for Action and Contemplation ( Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM; a good place to get an ample dose of the “Francis-effect” in more ways than one :))

Pray Tell Blog (all about worship & liturgy)

Whispers in the Loggia (Vatican news by “Church Whisperer” Rocco Palmo)

Catholic Dialogue (musings from a fellow prairie Catholic)

Sacred Space (prayerful online space with Scripture, courtesy of the Irish Jesuits)


More to come over time …

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