Window Gazing

Note: A few years ago I took the time to ponder the windows in the new Catholic Cathedral in Saskatoon and wrote a series of brief meditations on each of them. As the windows depict salvation history, a history we recall during the Easter Triduum, it seems fitting to share these meditations in this Holy Week, a week leading us through Christ’s death into the glorious light of resurrection. Here is the second one.


Standing in the doorway I saw it happen …
Wild waters of despair parting,
making way for the fire of God’s love
approaching on chariots of promise.

Fished from the flood in the nick of time
by a resolute hand with a passionate grip
revealing a love so burning with tenderness
that I could not, would not, turn away.

Never, ever, will the waters swallow you whole;
Never, ever, will you die outside my promise;
never, ever, will you drift without my
cloud by day and fire by night …

My Lord and my God!

Take me into Your holy covenant
of fierce loving and tender tending to broken hearts
even if it costs my life.
For those who lose their lives will find it.

Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone … almost …
at last … says God …