Barriers and Boundaries

Inspired by the 2015 CBC Canada Reads theme:

Barriers and boundaries
unjust and necessary, demeaning and holy;
which is which I ask gleaning and boldly.

When do barriers need to be broken
and when are boundaries not to be token?

Barriers obstructing,
boundaries fostering;
do barriers always demean
where boundaries protect,
or do barriers also protect
where boundaries defect?
Do barriers serve a noble purpose
where boundaries fail to pose?
While barriers can pose as boundaries
belittling and dehumanizing,
boundaries can pose as barriers
honouring, carrying and concealing.

Barriers feed on fear
while boundaries thrive on being near.
Boundaries open discovery, health and trust
where barriers parade in threat, stealth and disgust.
Barriers build great hiding places
where boundaries reflect open faces.
Boundaries encourage respect and honour,
a precious anointing by a kiss from the Holy,
where barriers inflict and disguise,
an insidious curse not worth the glory.

Boundaries bounce like a smiley wave
dancing a circle of safety and trust.
Prickly barriers block, resistant to change,
keeping out the new and unknown is a must.

And if you’re confused ’bout boundaries and barriers
track the energy stirred in your heart
and you will know which one is doing its part 🙂

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